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  • 9-Step Premium Carpet Cleaning Services
  • 6-Step Standard Carpet Cleaning Services
  • 3-Step Economy Carpet Cleaning Services

: FDC will always pre-vacuum all carpet prior to cleaning as this is an essential step in ensuring loose debris and soils are lifted from the carpet.

Pre-Treatment with Cleaning Solutions: Pre-Treating starts the process that breaks down the tough soiled areas of the carpet. Pre-treatment is applied and given about 15 minutes to absorb in the carpet for a deep clean. Most “spots” will be removed at this stage. Tougher spots are addressed separately as needed.

Agitation: This is done to ensure the cleaning solution reaches its highest potential by penetrating deep into the carpet’s fibers.

Hot Water Extraction: This step is where the difference is made. Using hot water extraction with both potable and truck mounted units with extremely powerful suction to lift dirt, debris and soils deep in the carpet fibers. This power, combined with the highest quality attachments as well as experienced techs excels our services.


Carpet in the Home

The advantages of carpet are outstanding; comfort, climate, form, capacity, and, in some cases, assurance against falls. Other than you, however, there are a lot of different creatures that adoration your new Carpet as much as you do. Dust, tidy, cover creepy crawlies and pesticides likewise make their home in your comfortable new cover. At one point, moths can even transform your beautiful carpet into lunch! Other than these undesirable visitors, different dangers linger. These incorporate pet pee, wine, grape juice,  stains, paint, , and others. Essentially, anything you bring into your home is at danger of turning into a stain.

FDC is the place your stresses end and a clean carpets start! Our boilingwater extraction technique deals with all your needs.

Day by day wear and tear, spills, and stains can prompt  harm of floors. Not having clean floors builds allergens in your home and office. Covers additionally trap dirt, tidy, and pet dander. We might want to be your Carpet cleaner. We’ll change your floor giving your home or office that crisp new appearance. We will ensure that your floor coverings are completely spotless down to the cushioning underneath. We need our clients to be 100% happy with the work we do! We accomplish that profound clean with overwhelming extraction. The final product of our demonstrated  hot water extraction technique?

First, it implies that you and your family can appreciate the rooms of your home all the more, realizing that your carpets are spotless and delicate.

It could mean more business, as clients approve FDC through your spotless place of business.

Hot Water Extraction-For the Deepest Carpet Cleaning Possible

The expression “steam cleaning” is really a misleading. For cleaning purposes, however some steam may escape in the cleaning procedure. Boiling hot water and a mixed cleaning agents of our cleaning specialists are pushed into the carpet at high pressure, built up, dirt and grime. Simultaneously, a powerful vacuum evacuates the hot water, and t soil and grime alongside it.

For this top notch cleaning, FDC experts utilize powerful truck-mounted machines. Try not to be tricked; small machines that you can lease yourself at a market give no where close to the measure of cleanliness that the specialists can give. Similarly as imperative as a spotless cover is a dry cover. High temp water extraction from a truck mounted machine likewise makes a superb cleaning . Wet carpets can bring mold and different sorts of mildew to your home.

Our Scientifically Formulated Pre-Spray Chemicals

The proteins in our logical Pre-Spray chemicals help separate complex substances, particularly those found in stains, for example, blood and grass and dirt stains. These catalysts break separated long chains of water-insoluble proteins. The remaining parts are littler, water-solvent segments. The catalysts is used to focus on the proteins,  lifting soil from the carpet. Furthermore, only a little amount of this natural compound instead of any synthetic chemicals! This constrains the quantity of disinfectants in a family, permitting families to appreciate a perfect, wonderful home without agonizing over any well being dangers. t !

3 Step Economy Service

  • Pre-treat spots
  • Clean all open areas
  • 10 Day Guarantee

6 Step Standard Service

  • Pre-Vacuum Carpet
  • Move average size furniture
  • Clean carpet from wall to wall
  • Drying fans
  • 30 Day Guarantee

9 Step Premium Service

  • All Standard services, Plus…
  • Pre- Treat Spots
  • Clean edges of the carpet
  • Clean baseboards
  • Carpet deodorizer

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“Premium & Standard Steam Carpet Cleaning Services meet industry standards specified by most new carpet warranties. All services include the FDC Services Guarantees its Service.

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