Are you TIRED of getting on your hands and knees just to clean your tile? Are you scrubbing with a tooth brush for hours to get the grout lines clean? Do you even know what your original grout lines are supposed to look like?

Stop trying to do it all yourself and leave the hard job to a professional. There is a night and day difference when cleaning tile & grout via DYI vs Professional.

Why choose Field Day Cleaners to clean your dirty tile & grout?

You can trust us with using the safest products on the market.
We scrub in all grout lines manually.
Use a high PSI tile spinner with around 250 degree hot water while sucking it all back up instantly.
We use Shubee booties during the cleaning process.
Clean up all edges and wipe up any excess.
We also offer sealing your tile & grout which is optional.

Call us today for a free quote on getting your tile & grout looking brand new again!

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